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December 31, 2020
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Dr. Rosanne Palermo offers her patients a chance to smile confidently. Severely stained teeth make it hard to smile but teeth whitening in Erie, PA, offers patients a new chance.

What are the teeth whitening options?

  • In-Office Whitening: This technique offers fast, powerful results. First, your dentist covers gums and tooth-root surfaces provide a protective barrier between tissue and the whitening material used. The thin plastic device, retractor, holds lips and cheeks away from the high-grade hydrogen peroxide gel. After applying the gel to the teeth, Dr. Palermo leaves the gel on the teeth for about an hour.
  • Take-Home Whitening: This is another effective and more convenient way to whiten your teeth. So what happens with a take-home whitening kit? First, your Erie dentist makes a mold of your teeth to make two thin, flexible plastic mouth trays. You fill the custom-made trays with a whitening gel -- that's not as strong as the gel used in the office -- and place one tray on the top teeth and the other on the bottom. Leave the trays for about an hour at a time and repeat the process until you get the shade you want.

Both solutions are great! The in-office teeth whitening method gives you fast results in an hour but you do need to find time in your day to actually go to the dentist's office. On the other hand, the take-home teeth whitening kit lets you do things at your own leisure but you may need to repeat the process to get the results you want. So, choose whichever solution works best for you.

Do you need to speak with your dentist?

If you'd like to learn more about teeth whitening, contact Dr. Rosanne Palermo in Erie, PA. She offers her patients the confident smile they need and deserve. Give her a call at (814) 833-3001.

By Dr. Rosanne M. Palermo
July 17, 2019
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Whiten your smile easily with professional teeth whitening treatments available from your dentist. The teeth can become dull or stained over time due to aging, medications, smoking, and certain foods and beverages. With professional teeth whitening treatments, you can quickly achieve a significantly whiter and brighter smile. Dr. Rosanne Palermo is your Erie family dentist for professional teeth whitening treatments.

Advantages of Professional Whitening

Several options exist for whitening your smile, including a wide variety of over-the-counter whitening products. For the fastest and most noticeable results, though, professional teeth whitening treatments are far superior. Most over-the-counter products do not contain a professional-strength bleaching agent. Professional whitening treatments can be applied in the dentist’s office for the quickest results, but convenient professional take-home whitening kits are also available. Your Erie family dentist can help you decide which option is best for you.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-office teeth whitening delivers results faster than any other whitening treatment. In fact, it is possible to achieve a smile that is up to eight shades whiter after just one in-office whitening treatment. Additionally, the results of in-office whitening are long lasting and it is possible to enjoy your new whiter smile for several years before needing another professional teeth whitening treatment.

With in-office whitening, a professional-strength whitening gel is carefully brushed on the teeth by experienced dental professionals. Before applying the whitening gel, special measures are taken to protect sensitive areas, such as the lips and gums, from coming into contact with the bleaching agent. Once the whitening gel is brushed on the teeth, it takes about one hour for the bleaching agent to fully penetrate the tooth enamel and lighten discolorations and stains. After an hour, the whitening gel is cleared away and the teeth will be several shades whiter.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Take-home teeth whitening kits are a convenient alternative to in-office whitening that allow you to whiten your teeth when it suits your schedule and in the comfort of your own home. Take-home kits still contain a professional quality whitening gel and can deliver the desired results in just a few weeks. Take-home kits are as easy as adding whitening gel to custom whitening trays that fit over the top and bottom rows of teeth. The trays are worn for about an hour at a time, several times a week until the desired whitening results are achieved.

In-office and take-home professional teeth whitening treatments allow you to whiten your smile easily. For help deciding which option is best for you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Palermo, your Erie, PA, family dentist, by calling the office at (814) 833-3001.

August 28, 2018
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Results After Teeth WhiteningA dull smile doesn’t have to be the norm. Teeth whitening can help.


Are you dealing with dull, yellow teeth that you feel embarrassed about? Do you find yourself less social or less likely to smile in public because of the color of your teeth? Have you tried at-home whitening and found it left a lot to be desired? If you said “yes” to these questions then it might be time to find out how our Erie, PA, family dentist Dr. Rosanne Palermo can finally get you a brighter, dazzling smile in just one visit.

There are a few factors that make professional teeth whitening different from whitening at home and also make professional whitening more effective. The first difference is the percentage of active whitening ingredient found in our in-office gel. In order to remove external stains from enamel, whitening gel contains either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to penetrate through the porous enamel and break up the stains.

While all whitening products contain either of these active ingredients it’s the high concentration of the gel that makes a difference. The high concentration of peroxide ensures that the gel doesn’t have to sit on your teeth nearly as long to produce the desired results, which is how so many patients can get a smile that is up to five or more shades whiter after just in-office whitening session.

Another factor is that our Erie, PA, family dentist has received specialized training to whiten teeth successfully and safely. Some patients experience tooth sensitivity both during and after their treatment. If you are prone to sensitivity then you may be a bit wary about whitening at home. This is where turning to our family dentist for whitening treatment is a major benefit. We can monitor your treatment and provide a tailored whitening plan to reduce your chances for tooth sensitivity while also achieving the perfect results.

The in-office whitening process takes up to one hour and it’s common for patients to get the look they want after just one session. Of course, those dealing with severe stains, often from smoking, may require more than one session to remove those deep-set and darker stains. Of course, you’ll notice the difference immediately when you get professional whitening treatment here in Erie, PA.

If you are looking to wipe away years of coffee drinking and food stains from your smile then you’ve come to the right place. Let our cosmetic dentist in Erie, PA, help you achieve that radiant smile with the help of professional teeth whitening. Call us today and let us know that you are interested in our in-office or at-home whitening system.

October 31, 2017
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How teeth whitening from your family dentist in Erie can enhance your smileteeth whitening

If you are a tobacco user, you’ve probably noticed your teeth have dark, brown stains. If you are a coffee drinker, you’ve probably noticed your smile is dull. If you are older, you’ve probably noticed your smile has yellowed. It’s time to say goodbye to your dental stains, thanks to teeth whitening! Dr. Rosanne Palermo in Erie, PA wants to introduce you to professional teeth whitening, the high-tech way to enhance your smile.

Whether your stains and discolorations are from tobacco, coffee, tea, or even medications, a teeth whitening treatment can help you achieve a dazzling, white, younger-looking smile once again!

Teeth whitening treatments offer many benefits. When you compare teeth whitening to other cosmetic dental treatments, you will find that a teeth whitening treatment is:

  • Quick, because you can have a beautiful white smile in about an hour
  • Inexpensive, because it costs just a fraction of the price of other cosmetic dental treatments
  • Convenient, because you have two teeth whitening options to choose from

You can choose either:

In-office whitening, which takes about an hour; your teeth are isolated to protect your gums and cheeks. Professional strength whitening gel is applied and enhanced using a high-tech ultraviolet light.

Take-home whitening, which includes a kit containing everything you need to whiten at home. You will receive custom-made trays, and enough whitening gel to achieve and maintain a beautiful, white smile.

Whether you choose in-office or take-home whitening, you can achieve a brilliant smile that is up to 8 shades whiter. You can also maintain your bright smile for up to 5 years! Those results can’t be matched by over-the-counter treatments or products from the shopping mall.

Before you reach for untrustworthy, ineffective over-the-counter whitening products, think about professional teeth whitening! Seek out the expert by calling Dr. Palermo in Erie, PA. Isn’t it time you said goodbye to your dental stains with a professional teeth whitening treatment? Get started on your brilliant smile by calling today!