How Sealants Can Help Your Child's Smile

Reduce your child’s risk for cavities with good oral hygiene and dental sealants.

Wondering what you can do to keep your child’s smile healthy and free from cavities? While back teeth are notoriously prone to developing decay, our Erie, PA, family dentist Dr. Rosanne Palermo offers dental sealants, a simple solution that could prevent cavities from forming on the chewing surfaces of your child’s back teeth.

Here’s what you should know about getting dental sealants for your child,

Dental Sealants are Barriers Against Decay

All you have to do is take a look at your own molars and you’ll see all those ridges and grooves that make it that much easier for food and bacteria to get trapped. Now it’s not so hard to imagine that cavities can develop on these surfaces more easily. Luckily, dental sealants are thin, transparent coatings that are bonded directly to these chewing surfaces to “seal out” food and bacteria.

Placing Sealants is Quick and Painless

Our Erie, PA, dentist and her team understand that going to the dentist isn’t always the most exciting experience; however, Dr. Palermo grew up with her own fears surrounding seeing the dentist. As a result, she’s turned her dental practice is a gentle dentistry zone. Her motto: “quality care without the scare”.

Of course, getting dental sealants isn’t all that scary to begin with. This plastic coating is painted over these chewing surfaces of your child’s back teeth, so it’s not invasive or in the least bit uncomfortable. You don’t even have to schedule a separate dental appointment to get them. We can easily place sealants during your child’s next routine cleaning.

Sealants are Highly Effective

Sealants are also incredibly effective at preventing cavities. According to the CDC, once a sealant is placed it can prevent 80 percent of cavities for up to two years. They also offer a 50 percent efficacy rate against cavities for up to four years.

Despite having sealants, it’s still important that your child maintains good oral hygiene and continues to practice good brushing and flossing techniques (even on their molars).

Whether you have questions about dental sealants are want to get sealants placed on your child’s teeth during their next dental visit call our Erie, PA, family dentist Dr. Rosanne Palermo today at (814) 833-3001.

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